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  • Happy New 2018!!!

    I've just returned from my trip to Africa. The trip was very important for one particular reason: during it I've visited my 100th country, which was Swaziland! It took me over 10 years, but I enjoyed the process a lot. I still will be continuing my travels to visit at some point of my life all 195 countries. But I guess the process will take much more time. I still haven't been in some top tourist destinations like Japan, Korea, or Philippines, which are on top of my list now. My favourite countries are  Botswana, Chile and Nepal. Cities I enjoyed the most: New York, Cape Town and Sydney. There were a few countries I didn't enjoy to visit that much: Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia. The best photo opportunities I found in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Every trip I try to visit a new country, but there are still places I want to revisit: Morocco, China, Russia. The biggest positive surprise: Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Lesotho.

    This month the new gallery is from the smallest country in the world, which I visited again in summer last year. Enjoy the gallery from Vatican City!